Artificial Intelligence – Internet of Things – Industry 4.0

Closed loop dynamic manufacturing solutions from the industry specialists. AIOT4 solutions from Automate and Control LTD are the worlds first instantly deploy-able solution encompassing all technologies bundled as one solution to improve your manufacturing process. Industry grade sensing and big data collection coupled with Googles Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence looping back to automate the control of your process, all in one system.

  • Big Data & SPC

    What is Big Data? The collection of process specific contextual data in large enough volumes to enable analytical tools it identify the root cause of your process moving outside of SPC (Statistical Process Control). Our system hardware is designed to capture multiple contextual streams of data instantly relayed our data cloud platform to start the analytical phase of process.


  • Data Science

    Using the science to provide the solution. Data science compared to standard engineering good practice, identifies previously unseen process issues. Using contextual multiple streams of data it can identify accumulative parameter changes taking your process out of Statistical Process Control.


  • IIOT – Industrial Internet of Things

    Embedded connectivity, with our worldwide 3G and 4G embedded platform connectivity preinstalled in our systems. So, all you have to do is connect your chosen sensors, power on and the big data collection begins. We understand integrating technology into your secure IT systems can really slow any network reliant implementation down, so with our system you don’t need IT. We work through our own industry secure mobile data network so you don’t have any deployment delays and can instantly view your data through any internet browser on our secure platform.


  • Machine Learning – Google ML

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  • Artificial Intelligence – Google AI

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  • Auto Deploy

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Dynamic Manufacturing Hardware and Software Solutions

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Building an all-encompassing system to meet the needs of the factory of the future has been our goal for a long time. We build portable solutions instantly deploy-able to start collecting live line information that can be acted on in real time on-site or remotely, ensuring your production facility can meet its production needs in the most efficient manner. Our system swiftly identifies root cause using sophisticated data analytic techniques integrated with Google AI and ML to build dynamic modelling tools our system can deploy closing the process control loop.

Rick Carless

CEO of Automate and Control LTD.